The Two Halves of an Application

The Village platform offers a variety of solutions for different client needs. To understand these solutions, first we need to establish what an application is made of. There are really two parts to all applications, whether they are web-based or fully native mobile apps. So, what are those two halves?

1) Front-End Components

Components are all of the elements that a user interacts with in the application. Village offers a library of components that can be used in any combination. These components range from login and account management to loyalty cards and group chat. Every component is built on our back-end infrastructure.

2) Back-end Infrastructure 

The infrastructure refers to all of the things a user cannot see. Security, performance, hosting, DevOps, APIs, and CDNs (to name a few). These are the parts that often take a lot of effort to set up, but are fairly similar from application to application. Village can provide back-end infrastructure, using industry best practices, for any application. This alone can shave months off of project timelines. 

Assembling the Pieces

Each application built on Village falls somewhere on a spectrum of customization. At one end, there are fully custom applications that leverage only the Village infrastructure, others are applications built from a mix of components in the component library. This mix of solutions allows us to create best-in-class solutions that can be deployed quickly and at a fraction of the cost of custom development.

Components Include:


Infrastructure Includes:


Even without the front-end components, there are many benefits to building on the Village platform. Using the back-end infrastructure that comes with Village, rather than creating it, can alone save months on a project.

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