Why Village Matters for Marketers

As an open, flexible enterprise development platform, Village enables businesses to create and deploy custom applications. While talk of front-end components and back-end infrastructure provides insight into the pieces that make up an application, it simply outlines what Village can do, and not the benefits of the platform. For marketers, Village has three core benefits that make it the perfect solution for a new application. These benefits highlight the things that matter most to marketers: brand consistency, speed, and a smooth experience for the customer.

The three core benefits Village offers marketers are:

  1. Custom Design — Many application frameworks that create efficiencies in the development process offer a “white label” solution. The solution becomes a set of reusable templates that are customized to meet your brand requirements. In the end, you’re provided with a solution that has a basic, “cookie cutter” application with your logo and color palette slapped onto it. Today, customers demand personalized experiences and choose to interact with brands they feel a connection with. Put simply, these “cookie cutter” applications aren’t good enough. While Village focuses on reusable frameworks that create efficiencies for the development of common functionalities, we never compromise on design. We combine the platform’s backend infrastructure with a custom design that looks feels unique to your brand. We work to understand your customer, your brand, and your goals and use Village to create a custom user experience that focuses on each.


  1. Speed to Market — Building mobile apps the right way can be complicated. You’re often creating multiple code bases (iOS, Android, Web), implementing a custom design, and integrating with multiple 3rd systems. In the past, you’ve typically been given two options: 1) a custom built application built over a 9-month timeline or 2) a hybrid platform that reduces build time but isn’t customizable and delivers a subpar experience. We agree, speed matters. A 9-month design and development cycle doesn’t help you hit this year's quota, and neither does a subpar app. That’s why we created Village: cut timelines significantly without sacrificing quality. With Village, our clients are delivering fully native applications 40% faster than their competitors. That’s up to 5 months faster!


  1. Customer Experience (CX) — As an explosion of new tech has resulted in new and innovative ways to interact with your customer, more and more back-end platforms have been put in place as well. Brands are letting the technology drive the experience, resulting in a confused customer and missed opportunity. Tomorrow’s most successful brands are delivering a multi-faceted experience that leverages multiple systems behind the scenes, without the customer ever noticing. To do this, you need a core platform that can effortlessly integrate with multiple platforms and systems. Village can sync with your loyalty, online ordering, CRM, eCommerce, and authentication platforms, delivering a single seamless experience to the customer.


To learn more about Village, contact us at info@villageapp.com or request a demo with our sales team.